Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Next Version of JavaScript, ECMAScript 6, To Include Modularization

The next version of JavaScript, officially called ECMAScript 6, will include improvements designed to provide developers with more conventions, security and most importantly, modularization. Expected to be finalized in 2013, ECMAScript 6 was one of the hot topics at the recent HTML5 Dev Conf event in San Francisco.

HTML5 is often used to describe a set of technologies that include HTML5 itself, along with JavaScript (and CSS3). As David Herman from Mozilla Research put it, “The two [technologies] are pretty much impossible to separate. HTML5 is really about the new APIs and capabilities of the web platform and JavaScript is the language of the Web platform, so you can’t use HTML5 without JavaScript and JavaScript is useless without the Web APIs, so the two need each other.”

Another improvement in the upcoming release will be binary data support, which will allow the functionality needed to read binary files and binary network protocols. This functionality will be most useful in data-intensive apps, and also helps with memory and time constraints within applications.

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