Sunday, January 23, 2022

MoJo Labs Announces Open Source Kurogo Mobile Framework

Today Mojo Labs announced the release of its Kurogo Mobile Framework. Kurogo is an open source framework that provides developers with pre-built modules for creating mobile applications.

The Kurogo Mobile Framework version 1 is based on the MIT Mobile Framework, and has evolved through collaborations with iMobileU, a developer community of sorts made up of higher education institutions who are working together for the progress of mobile development.

Andrew Yu, CEO of Modo Labs, was excited about the announcement, stating that “Kurogo represents the next generation in mobile-development platforms. By using Kurogo, smaller educational institutions with limited IT resources can immediately benefit from the years of sophisticated code developed at larger universities, such as MIT and Harvard. Kurogo will help further enable the ever-expanding benefits of mobility as developers at schools and enterprises work collaboratively to convert more online content and functionality for mobile devices.”

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