Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mobile Internet’s Future: App or Browser?

A recent discussion panel revolved around the future of mobile internet surfing habits, and how they are changing. With HTML5 now in the picture, will mobile internet users in the future be using applications or a web browser?

Although many panelists had opinions about which would prevail, there was no hard and fast answer to the question. One thing was evident: most panelists believe that mobile devices will be the most common way that users access the internet.

One panelist spoke about the largest application used to access the internet–the standard web browser. And whether the user is accessing the net via an app or a browser, cloud computing can drive both interfaces.

The topic of HTML5 versus Flash was also discussed, and while it was noted that Flash is still faster than HTML5, it was also pointed out that mobile adoption of Flash has been slow to occur. What’s more likely to happen is the use of both technologies simultaneously, depending on the goal of the developer.

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