Saturday, July 2, 2022

Minecraft Gets a JavaScript Facelift, aka ‘ScriptCraft’

If you haven’t heard of Minecraft you may want to crawl on out from under that rock because you have been missing out on the latest programming phenomenon. This, so called ‘game’ allows you to build things, all kinds of things using textured cube figures of all types and textures. It has a powerful physics engine that provides the user with the ability to build anything from a castle to an electrical circuit, and anything you can imagine. Once you start doodling, there is no turning back and what’s better, now it has what Walter Higgins, the developer of the JavaScript addition has dubbed, ScriptCraft. This ported Rhino JVM is written in Java and allows the player/user to use JavaScript commands in the game thus opening up all kinds of doors. Read the details here.

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