Saturday, May 8, 2021

Firefox Panorama Presents a New Frontier for Browsers

Although the feature formerly called Tab Candy has been discussed with much enthusiasm in the past, many web developers and end users will be happy to see that it has been renamed “Firefox Panorama” and has been included in the latest release of the Firefox 4 Beta. Many believe it’s the most innovative feature to be added to the browser.

Some features of Tab Candy didn’t make it into the official release, but its main features, which include being able to group tabs together with views more likened to that of an Operating System, and enabling users to easily jump between tab groups, will be present in the next version of Firefox.

You can watch a video here where Firefox’ Baskin discusses how and why Panaorama was developed, and he shows off some of the basic design details, including spatial memory, removing distractions from browser users, along with the minimization of required interactivity.

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