Saturday, July 2, 2022

Designers Can Help Non-Profits By Using LightCMS Web Designer

The folks behind LightCMS, Element Fusion, have just announced the Shine the Light! program, which encourages designers to help non-profit groups using donated time and their LightCMS web design service.

As part of the Shine the Light! program, the LightCMS web-based development tools, hosting and support is free for an entire year for non-profits when designers donate time. Thus far LightCMS has donated 14 pro bono web design projects over the last year, and hopes to double that amount in the coming year.

Sean Lukasik, freelance designer of CreAgent Marketing and adjunct professor at Corning, hosted a competition among his students. Lukasik said of the project, “Through LightCMS’s Shine the Light! program, my students donated their time and expertise to a local non-profit, while working with a professional program that provided all of the design, hosting and management tools they needed to create a creative, functional site – completely free for the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes.”

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