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Apple and Google Head to Head in Mobile Race

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The iPad is being heralded by many as a tool that will change the way we access and use the internet and computers. One thing is definite--the way that users will interact with computing devices will change, if Apple and Google have their way.

A survey from development tools maker Appcelerator showed that application developer's interest has diminished over the last three months. This is due to the lack of support for some features that were requested by developers that were not included in the iPad, including support for multitasking and a camera.

While Apple has been busy trying to entice developers, Google's Android is being looked at by developers who have watched the smartphone's growth spurt. The App Store's approval process is seen by many developers as a hindrance to the development process, and the Android has no such issue.

Appcelerator's report showed that in January of 2010 86 percent of developers were "very interested" in creating apps for the iPhone, 68 percent were also "very interested" in doing the same for the Android. That 18 point spread has decreased to only six points, from 87 percent for the iPhone to 81 percent for the Android (and only 53 percent for the iPad).

Others, such as the BlackBerry and Windows Phone, have also made impressive increases in the last few months, likely due to those companies realizing that competing platforms were starting to eat into their customer base.

Developers are starting to make their choices, and Apple and Google are set to take the competition to the next level--it's turned into quite a two-horse race, with the others in the field just starting to realize they are even in such a race.

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