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Analysts Report Mobile App Market to Explode

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The mobile application market is going to explode, with mobile app sales overtaking those of CDs, according to a report issued by mobile apps merchant Getjar. According to their report, mobile apps will show a 90% growth in the next year.

Getjar, which has the 2nd biggest mobile app store next to Apple's App Store, foresees 50 billion downloads and close to $14 billion spent on those apps in 2012. With the increasing number of app stores popping up, and more mobile device manufacturers providing apps for their platforms, it will soon become hard to find a phone without apps.

The report states that out of all mobile phone users in the United States, 20% are using smartphones with application support. Those in the US also spent more than 50% of the total mobile app revenue. Growth in Europe is expected to be the highest in the next year, while those in Asian countries tend to download more applications, but spend less money doing so.

The low cost of mobile applications, with most costing between 20 cents to one dollar, encourages consumption while making mobile application developers happy while they work. With CD sales continuing to drop, and more music outlets dropping digital restrictions management (DRM), it is obvious that mobile app sales will soon overtake those of CD sales.

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