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February 25, 2002-- Newsletter #169

By Joe Burns

Goodies to Go (tm)
February 25, 2002--Newsletter #169

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Announcement Goodies

Starting next week we will be featuring one of our Community Mentors here so that you can get a chance to know them. We appreciate their hard work, so we thought that acknowledging a Mentor each week would be a nice way of saying thanks.



Goodies Thoughts - Goodbye Winter Olympics

I'm sure the close of the 2002 Winter Olympics came with a big sigh of relief for some of you. Now you can get back to all of your regular shows on NBC that got bumped.

I have never really been a big fan of the Winter Olympics before but this year's Olympics held some real interest. I don't know, maybe it was the new snowboarding events, maybe it was getting to see some events like Curling on CNBC that I didn't even know existed or maybe I'm just getting older. Whatever the reason, it was nice to slow down for a while and watch some of the best athletes in the world give it everything they had for a medal.

It was a lot of fun cheering for my country's athletes and for some of the underdog athletes of other countries like Switzerland's wonder kid Simon Ammann who effortlessly floated down the hill in the ski jump competition. You had to smile when you watched him check out his jump results. You could almost feel his excitement through the T.V.

There were also quite a few firsts for the Winter Olympics. There were both male and female African American and Hispanic medalists. There was the addition of the snowbaording events which got the games off to a very energetic start. There was unprecedented security. And there was the the first third generation Olympic athlete, Jimmy Shea, who carried a photograph of his grandfather (the first generation Olympic athlete) who was killed by a drunk driver just a few months before he would have had the opportunity to watch his grandson bring home the gold.

Now any competition wouldn't be complete without some good old-fashioned controversy like the Russians threatening to pull out of the games as a result of the whole pairs figure-skating fiasco. Or the South Korean protests over the loss of the gold in the speedskating competition due to a bumping call.

All-in-all the games went smooth and fair and I, for one, am actually looking forward to the next Winter Olympics. From opening to closing the Winter Olympics are just a brief moment in history where the world can get together to share the joys, the disappointments and the over-whelming emotions of competing for the love of the sport and not for the power of the all-mighty dollar.


Thanks for reading!


Quiz Goodies

Let's say you were building a form that collects a U.S. phone number as part of the form. The phone number needs to be split
into 3 sections: area code, prefix and suffix. How would you build the form to gather the information AND limit the user to only entering 3 digits in the area code, 3 digits in the prefix and 4 digits in the suffix.

(Assume the <FORM> and </FORM> tags already exist)

Q & A Goodies

Q. Some websites show a small graphic logo in the MSIE address  bar, instead of the standard IE "e on a page" logo (Netscape does not show the alternate logo in its address bar).

The question - how can I get my site to put up a logo in the address bar?


A. What you are seeing is Favicon. It is a 16x16 image that when linked correctly in your HTML code, it will show up in the address bar. You can make your own Favicon and then upload it to your site. In the HEAD section of your HTML code you would link to it like this:
   <LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="/favicon.ico">

Take a look at this site:

It will explain the whole process and it even has an online editor
so you can create your own Favicon.

*** This question was submitted to our Mentor Community. The answer was provided by Bob Conley, one of our Web Design Mentors.


Q. How can I (if at all) set up an automatic forwarding link from one website to another? I've seen it done when you visit a site and are greeted with "you are being redirected" and then taken to another site!


A. You can use javascript to automatically redirect viewers to another page. You should also include a link incase someone has javascript disabled. See below.


   <script language="JavaScript">



   Click the link below if you are not automatically redirected.

   <a href="http://www.htmlgoodies.com">




*** This question was submitted to our Mentor Community. The answer was provided by Ryan Flynn, one of our HTML Mentors.


Q. I need to know if it is possible to put a link (an href) to your page source, so you can have someone simply click the link instead of them having to right click or go to the menu bar on top.


A. The code you need is pretty simple...just insert this wherever you want the button to appear on your page:

  This goes in between the <head></head> tags:

     <script language="JavaScript">
        function showsource(page) {
        // show this source code
        window.location = "view-source:" + page

   This goes anywhere on the page where you want the button:

     <input type="button" value="View Source"

*** This question was submitted to our Mentor Community. The answer was provided by Debra Fisher, one of our HTML Mentors.

Quiz Answer

To fulfill the requirements we will need 3 different text
boxes, one for each item required. To make it look a bit more
readable we will add the parentheses before and after the area
code and separate the prefix from the suffix with a dash.

To restrict how many characters the user can enter in each box
we will use the MAXLENGTH attribute. This simply tells the
browser that no matter what the size of the text box is, only
accept x number of characters.

Here's an example of the HTML:

     Telephone: (
     <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="AreaCode" MAXLENGTH=3

     <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Prefix" MAXLENGTH=3

     <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Suffix" MAXLENGTH=4


(The SIZE attribute simply defines the length of the text box
in characters)


And Remember This . . .

Did you know that on this day in 1913, the 16th Amendment to
the U.S. constitution went into effect? Do you know what the
16th Amendment was? It granted the right of each American to
pay for their government in the form of an income tax. And as
a result, the IRS would be born.

Thanks for reading Goodies to Go!


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