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February 4, 2001-- Newsletter #166

By Joe Burns

Goodies to Go (tm)
February 4, 2001--Newsletter #166

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Announcement Goodies

Our Community Mentor program will be open for business as of 5:00 p.m. EST today. If you need help and can't seem to find your answer on our site this could be just the resource you have been looking for.



Editorial Goodies - Busy World

In today's busy world most people spend much of their time completing tasks and rushing from place to place. Sometimes it becomes very hard to keep up with our jobs, handle housekeeping and home improvements, run the kids to about 100 more places than you would have ever imagined, get the groceries and still find time to sleep. Ahhh, who needs sleep.

So, is technology helping to free up some of our constantly demanded time? Maybe.

What did you do, way back when, after the VCR became popular? Did you find yourself having more free time in the evening because your VCR was recording your favorite show? Or did you find yourself taping more shows than you used to watch before and then trying to make time to actually watch them? Did you actually find it cost you more time than it saved?

What about when you got that PDA? Did it help you get organized? Or did it help you just fit more things into your schedule because you had a better handle on your schedule?

Here's a good one. How did the internet effect you? Well, for many of you I'm sure it gave you a job. It also provided the world easy access to a wealth of information. Did the ability to gather information on almost anything save you time? Or did you find yourself spending more time on the internet?

So, what's my point? I guess my point is that ultimately we dictate how busy our lives will be. With the advent of every new time-saving advance in technology we still have to keep in mind that we control our "free" time. Just because technology has helped to eliminate or reduce the time it takes to do something doesn't mean we have to fill the void with something else.

Over the past several years studies have shown that people are placing much higher price on their "free" time. Personally, I think this is a healthy trend. Making your life so busy that you have no time left to enjoy the things that make you happy can make the most even-tempered person tired and cranky. Spend time with your family, take in a sports event or just take a nap.

Technology can be your friend if you just let it help you reduce the demands on your time and not let it give you more time to add new demands.


Quiz Goodies

How do you create a drop-down listbox within a form?

Q & A Goodies

Q. How do you make and automated response?


A. Well, there are a few ways you can make an automated response.

The short answer is check your email server and see what features are available to you.

You can create a response on your mail server. If you are using your own server it's just a matter of researching your software and finding out if there is a built-in feature for "auto-responses" or "vacation messages" ("Auto-responses" and "vacation messages" are essentially the same thing. Different software packages may refer to this feature differently.) If your software doesn't have this feature you may be able to purchase a third party plug-in that will work.

If you don't have your own server but are using a mail server that your web host provides, contact your web host. Their software may already have the feature installed.

Some email software has the ability to automatically respond to incoming messages. For example, Outlook gives you the option of setting your own message by using the "I am currently out of the office" feature. This only works if you are running Microsoft Exchange Server, though.


Q. How can I keep or make hyperlinks the same color as my text? I have created a calendar using a TABLE. Sunday's are in Red and Monday-Saturday are in Blue. These are all links to my diary, naturally when the link is visited it changes color. How can I stop this from happening? I want the Red link (Sunday's) to stay red and the Weekdays to stay blue even when they have been visited.


A. You simply need to set your font color with each link. Here is an example of how you can do that with the Sunday example mentioned above.

     <a href="http://www.yourdomain.com">
     <font color="#FF0000">Sunday</font></a>


Q. By carefully examining the source on your pages I figured out how you have text aligned on the left and text running through the center of your page on the same lines - you're using a table command. But what I can't figure out is how to put the text in the first cell (in your case your various links to the different tutorials) at the top of the page. Because when I use a table command, whatever I wanted in the first cell automatically is centered, so it's put halfway down the page next to all my other text in the second cell. How do you put your input in the first cell at the top?


A. Each cell that you create allows you to have both vertical and horizontal control of the cell. You just need to define your cell within the <td> tag.

For example:

     <td halign="center" valign="top">

The halign (horizontal alignment) gives you control over your horizontal alignment which can be left, right, center or justify with the default being left.

The common valign (vertical alignment) choices are top, middle and bottom with the default being middle.


News Goodies

I'm sure you've heard about the collapse of Enron and the devastating effects it has had on its employees. I'm sure you have also heard about the developing scandal surrounding the destruction of documents. So, how could the Enron fiasco effect the future of electronic documents and how they are tracked?

Click here to read the article


Signs of life? The server market showed some signs of growth last year. Are things looking up in the Tech world?

Click here to read the article


Adobe is shelling out a chunk of change to acquire a company called Accelio. Ever heard of Accelio? Read about how Adobe plans to roll Accelio's technology into their future versions for Acrobat.

Click here to read the article

Quiz Answer

Like this:

     <select size="1" name="Form Object Name">
     <option select>Choice 1</option>
     <option>Choice 2</option>

Here's how it works:

The select let's the browser know that you are creating a drop-down listbox. The size designates the height - how many choices will be visible to the user before they click on the listbox. The name simply gives the object a unique name on the form.

The option tag tells the browser that you are entering an option for the user to pick from. The select makes this option the the default option. Therefore, if the user fails to make a selection then "Choice 1" will be selected automatically.

And, of course, everything has its own corresponding end tag.


And Remember This . . .

In honor of the SuperBowl here's a little SuperBowl trivia. Do you know who played in the very first SuperBowl and what
the final score was?

The first SuperBowl was played in 1967 by Green Bay and Kansas City. The final score was Green Bay 35 - Kansas City 10.

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