November 9, 1998 - Newsletter #1

By Joe Burns


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November 9, 1998 - Newsletter #1
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It's Monday night, November 9th and I'm sitting here in my living room composing the first "Goodies to Go" weekly e-mail newsletter. Of course it won't really be "weekly" until I put out a second one next week. Then we can technically call it weekly.

Here's my dilemma...what should go in this newsletter? What do you want to know? What can I write in one night's work so I can be sure to get it out on a weekly basis. Oh sure, I've subscribed to these things before and know the basics. I'll of course tell you what's new on the Goodies site. When I post new JavaScripts to JavaGoodies.com, I'll let you know. But I don't know that just an update sheet will be so much fun to read.

It's my opinion that to do that, to make it fun, I'll need to get more than just me involved in the creation of the newsletter. I thought about hiring a full staff of people that look like me, but that seemed silly.

So I thought it would be nice if I could get you all involved. I want to set up some folders so you can send me tips, stories and the like. I would then copy and paste a few of those comments into the newsletter each week along with the authors name and e-mail address (of course if you don't want you e-mail address posted, I won't.)

Here are some topics I was thinking might be good:

>>>>> Tip of the week! Tips from you on how you've used Goodies to put together your own cool website.

>>>>> Look At This Site! We can analyze a really great website and see how the creators put it all together.

>>>>> Help Me! Something kind of like "Ask the Experts" but we'll all be requesting help on an HTML topic from each other.

>>>>> Read This! Short reviews of tutorials or books that have been especially helpful to you.

>>>>> My Opinions! Give your opinion on some topic related to the web and website building -- or ask for mine.

I might use all of the topics listed above, and then again I might not use any. We'll see what happens. So let's get this thing started right. Send me e-mail at jburns@htmlgoodies.com that falls under one or more of these topics. If you can think of a better topic, send that along too.

Please remember that sending an e-mail to me is permission to reprint that e-mail, your name, and your e-mail address unless stated otherwise in your letter. Please send me your real name. I feel silly attributing an e-mail to someone named "Free_Willie". Also remember that this will probably cause a flood of e-mail that I will keep to use in the future. If yours isn't used right away, it may just be that I am saving it for later. You send it, I keep it. I also reserve the right to not use any e-mails that I don't think are appropriate.

This newsletter will probably go through a couple of different looks before we arrive at the format I think is best. So stay tuned. It should be a fun ride. I intend to create something that's informative, entertaining, and something you can truly look forward to reading every week.

>>>>>Next Week: So You Wanted Me to Write a Book, huh?

The HTML Goodies book is now available. It's going to be ready for you to buy and place under your Christmas tree... to keep it straight. Just kidding. It's being published by Macmillan and EarthWeb Press. Next week I'll give you the scoop on the new book and tell you where we'll be having some live events to show it off.

Keep Smiling...

Joe Burns, Ph.D.

"And Remember -- The company that manufactures the greatest number of women's dresses each year is Mattel. Barbie's got to wear something."

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