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By Joe Burns

2. Concern: You may be able to see this in the screen capture, but if not the rollover links along the top left of the page stay rolled after the pointer moves over them. They change back if another link is rolled over, but if not, they remain flipped to the brighter color.

Suggestion: Rewrite the code so that the flips flip and then come back after the mouse leaves. It's a common practice to alter the color of the page that is displaying. By not flipping your links back, you are sort of going against the grain. People might wonder if the page changed because your navigation is suggesting it had.

3. Concern: You have a link that asks the user to click for help. I clicked. I got this dialogue box:

Suggestion: I can see this sends a message and such, but it seems to be little more than an email. I expected an FAQ. If there's one on the site, I don't see it. I believe that in terms of e-commerce, do your best to answer every question you can for the user. Email should really be the last resort. See if you can't put together a pretty full FAQ.

4. Concern: I went to the store and attempted to buy something. When I clicked to see my shopping cart I got a bit of a surprise. The item wasn't listed as having been bought. I went back and tried again. No luck. It seems I had made the mistake. When you use your shopping cart, you expect the user to put in the number of items he or she wants to buy. That's OK, but I think you're taking it to the extreme even expecting me to put in that I want one of the items.

Suggestion: Do your users a favor and put in one so that when they click they automatically get the number one in their shopping cart.

5. Concern: The shopping cart was very easy to follow and helped me greatly. The navigation was easy to follow. There was just one problem. It wasn't in a secure server.

Suggestion: You simply must put your check out in a secure server.

Overall: Pigs. Pigs. Pigs. The site still needs some work. I think the colors are a little loud and the text in the colorful columns is a little too squished together, but I think you have a nice start to a nice niche market. Keep up the good work and get that shopping cart in a secure environment!


That's that.

Joe Burns, Ph.D.

Always Remember: When it comes to designing your Web site, the most important person is not you, but your user.

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