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By Joe Burns

3. Concern: You have the logo on there twice. Once is in the upper left and again in the lower right. However, you have them backwards. The logo in the upper corner is a static image. The logo in the lower right is active to the homepage. That's backwards. Do you want the lower logo to be a back navigation? If so, lose it. Set a different image to act as back navigation. Don't use your logo. The logo represents you, not the homepage or the back navigation.

Suggestion: Make sure the top logo is active. It has become tradition on the Web that a logo in the upper left- hand corner is a return to the homepage. I put my pointer on yours expecting to click to return. No dice. Live that image.

I should also mention the small images on the right side at the top. I've tried to click on them a few times. They are just screaming out to be active. If you are going to have them there, make them do something. They just look like links.

4. Concern: Now we get broad. You have chosen a dark yellow and dull green as the color scheme for the page. You are in the fun business. You are in the business of providing things that will hopefully make people smile. Your stuff will be something someone will receive and sit up on a shelf as a keepsake. People loved getting the stuff my radio stations handed out. I found I liked your site, but the colors are dull. The page should have more flash. It should be more alive.

Suggestion: Again, get with a computer wizard and start picking out some colors. Maybe you could even get with a professor of advertising and talk about his or her research into colors. Think about it. Coke is equal to fun and its can is bright red. McDonalds is bright yellow. Financial institutions use dull colors. Dark colors are used by businesses attempting to show strength. You're in the fun business. The page should scream that out. As it sits now, there's no real emotional punch.

5. Concern: Why are you using a frameset? I am a business. I like a certain jacket. I see it but have to run it past my co-workers. When I come back to the site, my bookmark doesn't work. The way the site is set up right now, if the buy isn't made straight away, the product can be easily lost.

Suggestion: Get out of frames and get to a one-item-per- page format. Your design doesn't need to change one bit. The pages will look exactly the same. Heck, you've gone out of your way to hide the horizontal frame break. Make what I like easy to find and then re-find. Right now, it's tough.

Overall: Go see Mister Logo and get YOUR logo on some stuff. I actually have nothing with the HTML Goodies Logo on it. I don't even have business cards. Huh. Maybe I should go to Mister Logo. I wonder what my face would look good on.

On fire?

Oh that is such an old joke.


That's that.

Joe Burns, Ph.D.

Always Remember: When it comes to designing your Web site, the most important person is not you, but your user.

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