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Concern #3: I love that you have a JavaScript attached to the image that will take people to the All-Saints Survey. I refreshed a few times and a new image popped up every time. Very nice. The problem is that when I clicked to take the survey, I got a page explaining the problems you've had with service providers, but no survey.

Suggestion: If you don't have a survey, remove the link. My suggestion is to pay for your own domain and get a virtual account with a local service provider. When you are your own domain, you have a little more pull regarding what you can and cannot use on a site. See if the domain SaintsHistory.com is available. Whatever you choose - lose the link. I'd keep up the stats, but the link to the survey itself is dead, so remove it until it gets repaired.

Concern #4: This really isn't a concern - in fact, it is more of a praise. I clicked on the link marked, "Favorite Saints Offensive Team" and got this:

Design Image

This is really, really great. As my mouse passes over the player position, I get the player's name, statistics, jersey number, and years played. I am very taken by this, because it shows that the author, Phil, understands the concept of offering the most amount of information in the least amount of space. I don't have to scroll, or click. The JavaScript does it all.

Suggestion: Apply this same thinking to the home page. Use the least amount of space to give the greatest amount of information. That thinking will always create the most impact on the users.

There's also a version of this page for the defensive players. I was really impressed with this page. Create more like these two pages.

Concern #5: Here's the year's section a little farther down the page:

Design Image

Nice format. Nice shape, but it should not be like this on the home page. There should be a link to a secondary page that looks like this.

Suggestion: Either create a completely separate page with links for each year, or try a drop-down menu. That will save on space, yet offer the most amount of information in a small space. My first choice would be to go with the separate page, though.

Overall: Phil's got a winner here. He's obviously a fan, and he's staying true to the page's killer app. This is a history page and it remains just that.

What he needs to focus on is design. Get some left-to-right flow. Shrink the graphics (in an image editor - don't just use smaller height and width attributes). Try to move some of that information from the bottom of the home page to a separate page.

I fully believe you can make this home page fit cleanly on a single 800X600 browser screen. It'll take some work, but the results will be a tight, easily-navigated site that Saints fans will enjoy.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> That's that.

Joe Burns, Ph.D.

Always Remember: When it comes to designing your Web site, the most important person is not you, but your user.

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