Web Design Goodies Critique #7

By Joe Burns


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Web Design Goodies Critique #7

Published October 24, 2000 By Joe Burns, Ph.D.

Greetings, Fellow Designers

There's no doubt about it, I love all of the neat tricks you can slap onto a Web site. I like the scrolls, the animation, the Flash, and all the other stuff. The problem with loving all of that is you risk going overboard. I tell my students they should follow the "rule of lawn ornaments." One is tasteful and looks cute. Two, you might get away with. Three means you're starting to get silly. Four or more--seek lawn help. Now the obligatory release statement

>>>>The critique below represents the opinions of Joe Burns, Ph.D. Feel free to disagree, argue, forget, or accept anything he writes. The purpose of the critique is to offer examples that you may use to revise or forget about when it comes to your own Web site. As always, remember that there are simply no hard and fast rules to Web design. Any choice is the correct choice as long as that choice aids the user and fulfills the site's purpose.<<<<

Title: Lime Ricky Home
Author: Chris Pohle
Load Time: 8 Seconds (after prompt), 57Kbps modem, cleared cache, 9/16/00 7:15AM
My Screen Size: 1024X768
Browsers Used: Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape Navigator 4.5

Concept: If you've never had a Lime Ricky - you're missing out on true Americana. It's a lemonade-type drink, at least the ones I drank growing up and going to Lakemont Park near Altoona. The drink is something you get when you're at a park or out having fun. This Web page is dedicated to Wildwood's own Lime Ricky stand.

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