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The Family of HTML Goodies

By Vince Barnes

As a growing web developer, you have become familiar with HTML Goodies.  It is a friendly resource with lots of tips, tricks and advice on how to get the job done.  At HTML Goodies we're very happy to have you come and visit us and we hope you'll continue to visit us for a long time, but did you know that we are a part of a much larger family of resources?  In case you aren't familiar with the family, I'd like to introduce you to some of its members.


HTML Goodies is a part of Earthweb.  If you hop on over there for a quick look-see, you'll notice that it comprises a number of sections, including Custom Publishing, Hardware and Systems, Web Developer, Software Development, IT Management, Networking and Communications and IT News.  We naturally appear under Web Development.

Along with us in that category are some resources that would be of particular interest to you.  There's EarthWebDeveloper.com where you'll find some terrific scripts, functions, tips and tricks for your web projects.  Need some JavaScript but don't want to write it from scratch?  That's the place to go!

Under Software Development you'll find some great places to go for a wider variety of development projects.  In Developer.com you will find helpful and informative pieces on such subjects as Database, Java, CGI, CSS, DHTML, Perl, PHP, Open Source, Security and other topics related to the world of the software developer.  Reading articles featured on this site will broaden the view and knowledge of even the most seasoned developer, while at the same time can introduce topics to a relative novice to help them expand their horizons.

I encourage you to browse around the other areas of Earthweb.  You will not find that your time is wasted!  There is so much information available there that no matter what your particular interests may be, there will be something there for you.

Earthweb's Siblings

Earthweb also has some siblings -- you may have noticed the links to them at the bottom of every page in HTML Goodies.  First there's Internet.com and DevX  These two are somewhat similar in nature to the EarthWebDeveloper.com and Developer.com channels in Earthweb, but are targeted at the professional web developer or software developer working in the corporate or enterprise environment.  For those of us who are not in that environment, however, there are some very useful channels within these two.  I'll highlight a few examples.

In Internet.com the Developer Channel includes such resources as FlashKit.com, JavaScript.com, ScriptSearch, Web Developer's Virtual Library, Web Hosts List and many other great sites.  And that's just under the Developer Channel.  If you're into Linux, you should definitely check out the Linux/OpenSource channel.

On DevX there are a few areas I'd like to draw to your attention. There are great sections under the headings .NET, Web Dev, Database, Open Source, XML, and ASP/ASP.NET that would be of particular interest to a web developer.  This is again a resource where time spent will definitely not be wasted.

There a two other siblings for Earthweb at this time. One is ClickZ which is an outstanding resource for those interested in marketing and website promotion.  The other is Graphics.com where you will find everthing you need for working with graphics, including huge libraries of photos, graphics and clipart available for use in your website development projects.

As you can see, HTML Goodies is a member of quite a large family, and the family is capable of making a web developer's life a whole lot easier!

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