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How to Search Keywords on Google

If you intend to venture into the world of online marketing, at some point you will have to do keyword research. There are many options, such as the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, or third-party programs such as Jaaxy or Market Samurai. The purpose is twofold, to find keywords for which people are searching and to look for the keywords people use when they want to buy something.

If you are not familiar with the ways that you can search online, here are some things you must know. There are three main keyword-searching options to find targeted information. These are: Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match.

If you use the word, “golf,” as an example, that’s too broad.

That brings up 1,320,000,000 results in search. If you were to market for that keyword your results would be so diluted they would be worthless.

To get a better result, you must drill down by using keyword combinations. Here, the keyword, “golf bags” is used. This is as a broad match, which uses all the words in the search. This gives19,800,000 results, which is still too much. This is because the search is for both “golf” and “bags.”

If you look at the search results at the bottom of the page, you see word combinations such as “golf bags nike,” “cart golf bags,” “womens golf bags,” etc. If none of these options is what you want, you need to refine your search.

Your next option is phrase match. When you use this method, your results match the exact phrase. Here is how it works. You add quotation marks around your keyword, like this: “golf bags” In this case, the result comes back with 868,000 matches. This is still quite substantial, but this is narrowing things down.

Later, you will learn how to refine your searches even further, with long tail keywords. These precise keyword combinations give you a highly focused result.

Another option is exact match. This keyword combination is for searches that are for that phrase only and as written, without any other words in the search. Here is how you would use it in a search: [golf bags]. In this case, the result is 19,800,000, which is too much. Sometimes this search gives you the exact opposite of what you would expect.

Another way of searching is to make use of long tail keywords. This is where search becomes specific. Here, the search uses phrase match for “bagboy golf bags” which returns 15,500 results.

To go further, another phrase match search will be done for the keyword: “bagboy revolver golf bags” This is where we hit the jackpot. The search turns up two results. You can see how this can help you a great deal when you want to find specific information. If you were to write an article or do advertising for this keyword, there is an excellent chance you will rank highly within the search engines. This is one way of determining which keywords are most popular for your topic.

Another way is to make use of a keyword research tool, such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, Jaaxy, or Market Samurai. For this article, Market Samurai is used.

This is the main screen in Market Samurai. To conduct a new search, click on New Project.

This brings up the project settings screen. Here, the golf bags keyword has been entered. When you click on the Create button, it brings up the following screen.

Click on the Keyword Research tab to the left.

The keyword “golf bags” is highlighted in orange. To see what keywords are available, click on the Generate Keywords button. It might take a while to return results.

Here is the result with 331 keywords. As you will see, some will be relevant; others will be way off the mark. You can add keywords that are not in the list, subtract them or use positive or negative keywords. You can choose to eliminate the irrelevant keywords manually, or you can make use of the Keyword Analysis tool. Click on the Keyword Analysis button at lower right.

Here are the results. Only 67 keywords. This method makes use of the Golden Rules setting with results by month. This list gives you a good idea of the best keywords to target. Other options are long tail, no filters, the challenge, and custom filters. In the pane above the keywords are Organic, Majestic Competition, Basic Competition, and Commerciality.

This area of Market Samurai is powerful and will allow you to take a deep dive into keyword research and to find keywords people use when they want to buy, which is crucial.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to fully explore this program in an article of this type. That would span several articles. Still, you now have an overview of some ways to search for keywords. Doing so before you do any marketing will make a major difference to your results.

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