Zend Promotes Cloud App Development With PHPCloud

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Zend Technologies this week announced PHPCloud.com, which promises to give developers a productive and robust application platform by combining the technology of Zend and the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The combination of the two technologies will enables developers to create, deploy and manage cloud apps more economically, with greater scalability and elasticity.

Amazon Web Services' Director of Business Development, Terry Wise, discussed the announcement, stating that "We are excited to see Zend utilize Amazon Web Services to provide the underlying services for phpcloud.com. This service will enable developers to harness our elastic, secure, pay-as-you-go platform, providing them the flexibility to build their applications the way they want to."

The PHPCloud site provides developers with the Zend Developer Cloud, and the Zend Application Fabric, an application platform offering best of breed PHP using Amazon Web Services. By combining PHPCloud with the well established and economically friendly AWS infrastructure, it makes an attractive package for SMB and enterprise developers.

Read the original article here.

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