Yes Virginia, Even Walmart Is On the Node.js Bandwagon

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The Node.js framework has been in the spotlight recently, and today at the Node Summit, Walmart execs discussed the reasons why they have chosen to use the server-side technology themselves. Among the reasons cited, the biggest factor in their decision was that the benefits of using Node.js far outweighed the risks.

The vice president for mobile engineering at Walmart, Ben Galbraith, discussed Node.js, stating that "We’ve been fascinated for a long time by end-to-end JavaScript." His team was tasked with creating "a website that would be rich and dynamic… on devices that weren’t too powerful." Once they re-engineered the Node-based mobile Walmart app so the front-end code is executed on the backend, they were ready to see the results.

As Galbraith put it, "We’re really excited to have a viable back end for that. That’s why Node really excited us, and at Walmart, we’re doing a lot with that kind of architecture right now."

Read the original article here.

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