WordPress Community Develops an Affection for ShrinkTheWeb Thumbnails

By HTMLGoodies Staff

WordPress users have been searching for an automated website screenshot feature to populate their portfolios of websites and for other similar implementations. However, the capture and display of web page screenshots is not as simple of an undertaking as one might imagine. Creating screenshots of web pages is a tedious process involving the capture itself and then cropping and resizing, and uploading and embedding into a post or page. Savvy WordPress users may have already known about WordPress’ own “mShots” service, but it was not customizable (one size fits all), had no guaranteed level of service, and did not offer support. Back in 2010, WordPress made the decision to deprecate the service, leaving many without any solution at all. As a result, ShrinkTheWeb became an ideal solution to integrate a proven SaaS (software as a service) with WordPress sites and blogs. Check out the full Press Release from ShrinkTheWeb here.

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