Will the Web Itself Become the Platform Itself?

By HTMLGoodies Staff


Desktop-as-a-Service Designed for Any Cloud ? Nutanix Frame

One of the things that HTML5 brings to the table for developers is the prospect of a unified web development platform that could potentially work across all browsers running on all platforms. The only caveat is that the browsers themselves must be standards compliant, which would effectively make the web itself the platform.

While desktop browser manufacturers are often slow to be updated with support for the latest standards, mobile devices are usually more on top of things. Most of the major mobile platforms, such as iOS, BlackBerry, Android, webOS and MeeGo, already have browsers with decent standards support. Automatic mobile updates also help to ensure that users are browsing with the latest browser.
The other aspect of the web as a platform is that the web itself is open, unlike some platforms, and apps made for it using standards will work even after updates from browser or mobile device makers, or even new OS updates.

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