White Hat SEO Techniques That Still Work

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Black hat SEO, or search engine optimization practices that are unethical or illegitimate, have been around as long as search engines have been around, but it's the white hat SEO tactics that are gaining attention--because they continue to work effectively.

The most crucial aspect of SEO today remains the same aspect of SEO that mattered 10 years ago--the effective use of keywords and keyword research. If you aren't using the specific keywords that are being used by your business' customers when they search for your products, they aren't likely to ever end up on your website.

The second most important aspect of white hat SEO is content. Content is, and always will be, king. If you advertise your website as the defacto place to go for information about seahorses, and visitors get to your site only to find seahorse information that was taken from another website, or inaccurate information in general, not only will you lose potential customers, but you will eventually lose your Google rank.

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