Websites Built for Mobile and Tablet Devices Require Special Optimization

By HTMLGoodies Staff

As mobile technology improves and more mobile devices and tablets are used to access the web by consumers every day, websites need to stay on top of the game when it comes to mobile optimization. Smaller screen sizes mean that your website has to evolve visually, as consumers literally now shop from the palms of their hands.

A whole new class of instant consumers has arrived to use your mobile-optimized website while on the go. You need to use the tools that are available for mobile optimization, such as Google Adwords' keyword searching functionality, which is specific for mobile devices. Use the mobile keywords in the same way that you use them for traditional websites.

Keep the content concise, short and sweet. Use smaller images so that visitors are not left waiting for an image, (or several images), to load. Use fonts that are easy to read on small screens, and also ensure that buttons are a bit larger than they normally might be on a traditional website.

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