WebKit is Enhanced by Adobe's Magazine Style Layouts

By HTMLGoodies Staff

It was announced recently that Adobe has been working to influence changes in the way the web is designed--to make it more like a magazine--through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Today, Adobe's vision is one step closer, as it was announced that the first code from Adobe has been added to WebKit browser engine project.

Adobe's part of the code is called CSS Regions, and it's part of Adobe's goal to encourage the adoption and standardization of the advanced CSS layout mechanism by the industry. The WebKit announcement is the beginning of the process. WebKit is used by the Safari and Chrome web browsers. Acceptance by others in the industry will be a much slower process.
The CSS Regions patch is actually a WebKit build system update that allows users to enable the CSS feature if they want to try out the new functionality. A custom version of WebKit is available on Adobe Labs with support for CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions.

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