Webinos Extensions Allow JavaScript To Go Beyond The Norm

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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The webinos JavaScript extension recently received backing from the EU in the amount of €10m. The goal behind the funding is to develop standard extensions which enable access to the various things that are typically limited in JavaScript, while simultaneously creating a security framework that will enable it to occur.

By creating such an architecture, webinos will enable inter-app communication, as well as things such as offline activation, with access to NFC, TV and secure e-wallets. In order to do so, webinos has had to make some changes to some of the W3C standards. Webinos has specified APIs which handle remote services, along with available-service discovery functionality.

The webinos concept has been widely accepted by many of the large players in the industry, including Samsung, Telefonica and the W3C, but actually bringing such a dream to the table by creating a kit that's webinos-compatible is another story altogether.

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