Web Trends From 2011 Include HTML5 Domination, JavaScript Growth

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While many things have stayed the same for web development, according to research from the HTTP Archive, a site that routinely scans the most popular web destinations, the average size of a web page, in kilobytes (KB), has increased by 30% in the last year, and now averages 965 KB.

The increase isn't due to the use of Flash, which has stayed exactly the same since last year (90KB), but rather is due to a massive increase in the size of JavaScript files, which increased from 113KB last year to 172KB this year.

Along with the increase in JavaScript, the size of HTML, CSS and images on websites also rose significantly. Given that Flash size has stayed the same, while other technologies used instead of Flash have grown, experts point to the numbers as another sign that Flash is on the way out, and HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are taking its place.

Read the original article here.

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