Web Developers Slowly Moving From Flash To HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Adobe Flash Player has been a useful tool for developers, and a convenient media player for end users. After ten years of being Flash users, many developers (and end users) are abandoning Flash for other, less proprietary technologies that work across multiple platforms and devices, such as HTML5.

The reasons for leaving Flash behind are varied, and range from being tired of working with a tedious programming technology, to complicated Flash website updates, to cross platform issues. The fact that Apple won't allow Flash on its devices, and Microsoft is soon to release a web browser that won't support Flash, also hasn't helped the once popular plug-in.

Flash-based websites are no longer looked at as unique, tech saavy or cutting edge. Many website visitors are unable to view Flash-based websites, as they are clunky, slow loading and tedious to navigate through. SEO concerns are another valid reason for web developers to embrace technologies such as HTML5 over Flash, since it can perform many of the same functions while supporting every aspect of SEO.

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