W3C Encourages Developers to be Part of Web Standards Process

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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This week the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announced its latest agile track, which is designed to enable web developers and businesses to actually play a role in the web standards process, along with the W3C's large panel of international experts.

W3C Community Groups were created with the realization that innovation comes from both organizations as well as individuals. Individuals and organizations can propose a new group, and with a small amount of peer support, the new group is formed and functional. Forming or joining a group is free, and groups themselves create most of the aspects of how the group functions.

The CEO of the W3C, Jeff Jaffe, discussed Community Groups, stating that "Innovation and standardization build on each other. The stable Web platform provided by W3C has always encouraged innovation. As the pace of innovation accelerates and more industries embrace W3C's Open Web Platform, Community Groups will accelerate incorporation of innovative technologies into the Web."

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