W3C Brings Time Element Back to HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

After listening to a heated argument from the spec's official editor, Ian Hickson, the W3C had determined that the concept of using the <time> element along with CSS to specify styling dates and times wouldn't fly, but after even more discussion, they relented and decided against adding a <data> element, and voted against the dropping of the <time> elements, stating that it would instead be improved.

Opera's Bruce Lawson discussed the issue further, stating that "It's right that the <time> element has been reinstated. Most web developers were opposed to its removal, because it was easy to understand, standardised a format for times and dates – information that is on a huge percentage of blogs, news and information sites – and was already being used in the wild by millions of sites."

Like others working on the specification, Lawson reiterated that he holds out hope that the element will have uses that should have been included in the spec intitally, including concepts such as "fuzzy dates" but he isn't ready to celebrate just yet.

Read the original article here.

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