VirtueMart 2 the eCommerce Plug-In for Joomla CMS is Going to Explode!

By HTMLGoodies Staff

VirtueMart, a powerful and new Open Source eCommerce plug-in for Joomla, the worlds fasted growing and most popular CMS (Content Management System) and is a very easy way for both Techy and  non-technical people to manage a website without programming skills, so once Joomla is installed and running, VirtueMart is only a few clicks away from managing your eCommerce site. Just like screwing in a light bulb, VirtueMart installs and operates that easily. VirtueMart 2 was recently released and was rebuilt from the ground up in OOC using the Joomla framework and it offers the right size for each job. Read more about this great new product and download it right here.

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