Use CSS Sprite Generator for Faster Page Loading

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If you've never heard of the term "sprite" it refers to the use of a single image, comprised of several smaller images, that is controlled by CSS to treat different areas within the images as individual images themselves. Why would someone do that? To save on page loading time!

As you can imagine, creating sprites is not a simple task. Along comes CSS Sprite Generator, a tool that simplifies the process of creating sprites for your web pages. Sprites work by reducing the number of HTTP requests involved when a web page loads. By combining several images into a single file, and using CSS to display them as individual images on a page, only one request is made.

The CSS Sprite Generator allows you to upload a zip file that contains all the images you wish to use. Once you configure your settings, you are given the sprite image containing your uploaded files, along with the CSS code referencing it.

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