Updated Google Chrome Native Client Plugin Improves HTML5 Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Recently Google announced the beta release of its Native Client (NaCl) plug-in. NaCl is integrated into the Chrome browser, and this release allows developers to use their native C and C++ modules to support HTML5 functionality for web apps running on x86 software.

Program director for application development software at IDC, Al Hilwa, discussed the security tactics of NaCl as a sort of "double sandbox" approach, stating that "Security issues will always surprise us, but this technique is conceptually no more dangerous than using JavaScript. Of course, there are always buys and vulnerabilities that no one plans for, and malware writers can always ask users to click to approve the infection in disguise, which is how most machines get infected in the first place."

Hilwa believes that the approach that Google is taking with NaCl can be used for other platforms, and that Microsoft might be considering doing the same sort of thing with Windows 8. As he put it, "I am going to predict that Windows 8 will have similar extensibility through IE when it ships, but that is just a guess."

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