Tweek Your Website for the Holidays

By HTMLGoodies Staff

As the holiday season approaches, online businesses scramble to get their sites ready for the onslaught of visitors and sales that are approaching. It may be too late to tackle many aspects of website optimization, but by focusing on performance and the user experience, businesses can ensure that their website fulfills expectations throughout the holiday season.

One can begin by looking at the total weight of a web page, especially on heavily hit pages such as the home page, product pages and search results pages. Are images optimized so they are as small as possible? Have HTML, JavaScript and CSS files been minified? Have all of your site's CSS files been consolidated? Are you using CSS sprites instead of separate images?

Is your website easy for visitors to use? Is it cluttered with ads, promotions and other information that may distract visitors from the very things that you are trying to sell or promote? Have you included some holiday-themed visual elements or content that show that the site is primed and ready for the holidays? Now is the time to put those plans in action.

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