The Painful Truth About HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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HTML5 provides developers with new features and a lot of potential for creating engaging applications--but it isn't the solution for every scenario. Limitations on local data storage, security issues, and issues with synchonization are among the challenges HTML5 faces, and sometimes native apps are just more appropriate.

While security has been a minimal problem for old fashioned HTML-based web pages, when it comes to app development with HTML5, it's a whole new ballgame. Since HTML5 is an open source, interpreted markup language, rather than a compiled language, users are able to view the source code of an app by using a debugger such a Firebug. That is a good thing for a developer who wants to step through his own code to find potential problems, but isn't so good when hackers can also walk through the code, looking for areas they can exploit.

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