Survey Indicates Organizations Making Frequent db changes but Only a Fraction Practice Continuos Delivery

By HTMLGoodies Staff

DBmaestro announced today the results of a survey of over 450 developers, DBAs, CIOs, software architects and other industry professionals.  A third (34%) of the respondents believe that they are implementing Continuous Delivery for their database changes.  However, based on the questions they answered, only 13% overall are actually performing basic Continuous Delivery practices for the database.


The “Devops for the Database” survey asked professionals from over 25 database related positions if their development organization uses continuous integration or a build automation process. 66% responded that they do so for application code and 34% do for database changes, but when asked how their deployment scripts were created, 71% said it was done manually. Furthermore, when asked how their organization deploys database changes, only 13% had a fully automated process in place – a prerequisite for database continuous delivery.


This lack of automation processes for the database is surprising considering two-thirds of companies are making frequent database changes. In response to the question of how often their organization makes changes to the database, 32% said daily and 37% responded weekly. Frequent changes bring inherent risk, while agile best practices have been proven to reduce those risks and increase overall efficiency.


Said Yariv Tabac, Co-founder and CEO of DBmaestro. “The results of this survey show that organizations from across all sectors are increasingly making frequent database changes and many of them believe they are practicing continuous delivery to keep up with these rapid changes. But when we got into the specific methodologies employed by organizations, it becomes clear that many organizations are not taking the minimum steps necessary to practice safe continuous delivery. At the same time, we see that there is a growing recognition of the high risk of not following best practices. We at DBmaestro are dedicated to helping organizations avoid those risks.” 


The online survey included over 450 participants from around the world. The respondents included DBAs, (21%) developers, (18%) software architects, (16%) C-level executives (10%) and others from diverse sectors, including, software vendors, (33%) finance, (18%) government, (11%) healthcare (8%) and other industries.


Download the full survey results along with in depth analysis here.

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