SonarDesign Announces the Release of the First Browser-Based Micro-App Development Platform for the Creative Professional

By HTMLGoodies Staff

sonarDesign, a technology platform company focused on liberating creativity, today announced the beta availability of Sonar, a browser-based, cross-platform creation platform that offers an open marketplace for creative professionals to easily create, instantly share and monetize immersive micro-apps (mApps) – interactive experiences that are larger than a blog or video, but quicker and easier to create than native apps. Sonar was designed to replace expensive proprietary desktop suites with a flexible browser-based platform for creative professionals, including those without software development experience. Creatives looking for a new way to produce and deliver memorable stories, innovative presentations and moving images can design and immediately view them on any device with a modern browser.

With its proprietary user experience engine, Sonar separates itself from competitors as the only creation service that provides authors with a superior level of real-time, detailed user analytics. From every tap, movement, location and response, creative professionals are now able to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of their work (or mApps) to better understand audience engagement. Check it out here.

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