Some of the Hype Over HTML5 is Just That

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With all the recent announcements and observations about HTML5 to come out recently, it's a good guess that some would be pure hype. A new animation program called Hype, ironically, is said to create animations using web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript--but it actually only generates animations consisting of standard old HTML4, CSS and JavaScript.

You would think that a product that is said to create animated HTML5 content would at least make use of the <canvas> element, but Hype create animations that are wrapped in good old <div> tags. It also doesn't use HTML5's History API, which is sad since by not using it, Hype animations, like Flash animations, effectively make the browser's back button useless.

That isn't to say that Hype is not useful--it is easy to use, and if you can live with its limitations and get around the hype, you may find that it is a decent alternative to other, more expensive animation programs.

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