Search Engine Rankings Not the Goal With On-Page SEO Content

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Manipulative SEO tactics are dangerous due to the risks that come with them, according to many SEO experts. Understanding how on-page content is used by search engines is paramount to being able to use that data more effectively to achieve better results.

Google's Panda update in February once again changed the rules of SEO, placing more emphasis on user engagement and content quality. Social engagement and the quality of the content on your site is now counted by Google when determining search engine rankings, and some say that it counts as much as 20 percent.

It comes down to this: if your website is using specific keywords within titles and metatags, it had better actually have the content to support the use of those keywords. If not, Google will send folks elsewhere, and no matter how many times you add or change those keywords, unless you also add relevant content, it won't do you any good.

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