Quoord Systems Announces the Release of Tapatalk 2 With WordPress Integration

By HTMLGoodies Staff

TapaTalk’s new release to TapaTalk 2 has aggregated over 50,000 online communities around the globe, providing a clean and streamlined way to presents those forums and discussions on any mobile device. This culminates the app’s first major update since its original release which brings a couple several new features and improvements. Most notably, Tapatalk 2 now includes WordPress integration, the world’s most popular blogging solution. In addition, TapaTalk 2 now includes

  • Search Improvement: You can now search and filter topics within a category (i.e. a sub-forum) or search for specific post in a thread. Look for the search bar in the topic listing or discussion view.
  • GIF Animation: Finally we support displaying GIF animation in discussion!
  • Page Swipe: You can now swipe left or right to quickly change pages in a long discussion.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

You can read the full story here.

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