Questions and Answers About Smartphone Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Data and statistics from developers can be vital to understanding trends in technology and mobile usage. DeviceAnywhere recently shared its own data, giving a very interesting glimpse of where developers' interests lie. 

According to the data, in spite of what some may believe, the iPhone is not the most tested device on DeviceAnywhere's network. Research has shown that the BlackBerry remains the most heavily tested platform. According to DeviceAnywhere's vice president of marketing Leila Modarres, that's because there just aren't that many iPhones to test. 

Remarking on the sheer number of BlackBerry devices in use, she stated that "By virtue of the fact there are so many BlackBerry devices out there and that they’ve been out there for so long, there are lot more tests done. In contrast, there are not a lot of generations of iPhones or iOS devices."

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