ProSoft Announces the Release of the New Linux Development Module for Rockwell Automation Processors

By HTMLGoodies Staff

ProSoft’s new module provides both C and C++ developers with the ability to write custom apps for both legacy and new proprietary applications. The ControlLogix-compatible module comes complete with two independent Ethernet ports as well as two independent serial ports, both equipped with a scrolling LED display that can be used to indicate custom messages. ProSoft’s new CompactLogix-compatible module comes equipped with the one Ethernet port and also two independent serial ports. A complete Linux vm integrated development environment and a C API backplane interface are also provided on the included dev-kit DVD thus providing users with the tools required to hit the ground running. The Linux Development Module is perfect for anyone who wants to create applications that interface with any device requiring custom Ethernet and serial communications and execute custom functions on the fly. Keep reading here.

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