Parallels Mac Management v4.5 Released

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Building on its recent launch of the Parallels Remote Application Server v15, Parallels launched another resource for IT managers today with an updated version of Parallels Mac Management 4.5 for Microsoft SCCM.

Continuing its leadership as the easiest and most cost-effective solution for small and large businesses, Parallels Mac Management 4.5 for SCCM allows managers to completely control Macs and PCs through a single pane of glass.

Parallels Mac Management 4.5 for Microsoft SCCM new features include:

·         OS X patch management

·         Active Directory System Discovery support

·         OS X image deployment: Implemented Capture OS X Image task sequence step

·         Automatic upgrade of Parallels Mac Client

·         Reporting of deployment statuses of SCCM Applications


Please let us know your interest in the following opportunities:

·         Product Demonstration -- WebEx briefing/demo on the latest updates to the solution

·         Product Trial – We can provide you with a product code, so you can download and try it if you are SCCM-enabled

·         Free Test Environment – If you are like most media, you may not be able to test out the setup and deployment, so we can help you experience this through our testing facilities that we can help you with via webex.



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