Opera Announces Dragonfly Web Development Debugging Tools

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Opera Software this week announced the release of Dragonfly 1.0, a suite of open source web development debugging tools. Dragonfly includes a JavaScript debugger, Document Object Model (DOM) and a Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Inspector.

Dragonfly is a btowser-based app, and works on Opera Mobile and the standard Opera web browser. David Storey, a blogger for Opera Dragonfly, stated that "From the very beginning, we decided to eat our own dog food and develop Opera Dragonfly in web technologies. This was before the HTML5 hype was on every man in suit's lips."

Dragonfly itself is built apon the basic technology of the web--that is, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as SVG. It is designed to debug complex application and websites, and can be used to check most website resources, including HTML files, images, scripts, fonts and more.

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