Online Gambling Industry Looking Towards HTML5 for Mobile

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week indications from the online gambling industry point to the use of HTML5 as the platform and development language of choice for the creation of mobile apps and websites. Adobe Flash has been the premier tool used for the creation of mobile apps in the past, but HTML5's adoption in the industry is continuing to grow by leaps.

The development tools that are currently available for developers interested in working with HTML5 are still limited but that hasn't stopped many developers from getting ahead of the game. For the last two years many have been using the emerging technology to create a "Flash-like" experience using HTML5.

The audience for mobile apps has continued to grow, and the online gambling industry has begun leaning towards HTML5 as a platform that will allow them to create an app once and deploy it across multiple platforms and mobile devices, while retaining much of the functionality of native apps.

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