Online Book SMACSS Tames the Wild CSS Beast

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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The organization of CSS code has been a thorn in many developer's sides due to the complexity of CSS selectors, changing projects and redesigns. Although ugly CSS can still be functional CSS, it makes life more difficult down the line for developers who have to continue to work with the code. An online book called SMACSS claims to help tame the wild CSS beast.

SMACSS is filled with advice for designers and developers who are interested in organizing their site's CSS code, and it comes with many examples to help illustrate the point. The acronym SMACSS is short for Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS, and according to the author, it is more of a flexible style guide than a rigid framework which can't be changed.

Developers who are interested can view the book as a single, very large HTML page, or it can be accessed via sections, which tends to be more useful.

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