OMNI Engine v1 Released

By HTMLGoodies Staff

What if there was a great game framework where instead of having to learn C++, you could use C#? It was open source? and has a very friendly license model.With the new Omni Game Engine, based off of T3D, build 3.5.1 to be exact,  the core of the Omni Game Engine is the Omni Framework. The Omni Framework is a C# model that simplifies game programming in T3D. There is no ugly p-Invoke syntaxs, convoluted work a-rounds, or half-baked solutions here. The Omni Framework is a complete end-to-end solution for programming in C# inside of T3D. Included with the C# Omni Framework are also many improvements to the C++. We have been pouring over the many resources available on the GG site and cherry picked the most useful and used. Continue reading this story here.

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