New Software from Adobe Targets HTML5: Edge

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Edge, a new software tool from Adobe, enables users to add animation effects to their web pages by using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Far from being anti-HTML5, Adobe has been continually adding HTML5 support to their products to stay on the leading edge of technology, which is what the title of this software suggests.

New features will be added to Edge, which in this public preview is focused on animation. The product manager of Adobe's Web Pro group, Devin Fernandez, discussed the future of Edge, stating that "[For] the first public preview release, we focused on animation. Over the public preview period, we'll be adding additional functionality. We'll be incorporating feedback from the community, taking those requests into account."

One key feature that will be eventually included is support for the HTML5 Canvas element, which is used as a 2D drawing surface for graphics which is often combined with SVG graphics. Edge is integrated with Dreamweaver to allow developers to weave their Edge creations into their web development projects.

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