New Marketing Optimizer for WordPress Plugin Released

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The new “Marketing Optimizer for WordPress” plugin will make it easier for individuals and businesses to A/B testing landing pages and track website conversions, says the plugin’s developer. “Creating new landing pages for testing in WordPress has never been easier,” said Michael Myles, the CEO of Marketing Optimizer. A landing page is the first page that a website visitor will see after clicking through to a website from a link or advertisement, such as Google AdWords. Optimizing this landing page for conversion rates is essential to optimizing the cost per lead. Otherwise, businesses may be investing significant resources in SEO and PPC, but failing to “seal the deal” by generating a lead or signup. 93% of companies use inbound marketing for lead generation, according to a 2013 report from HubSpot. However, not all businesses use lead generation effectively. Tools like “Marketing Optimizer for WordPress” are designed to help businesses improve lead generation by enhancing conversion rate and overall page performance. Check it out here.

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