New Amazon eBook Format Uses HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Amazon.com recently announced a new eBook format called Kindle Format 8 (KF8) which relies upon the features of HTML5 for its functionality. By using HTML5, Amazon will be able to enable eBook publishers to create content that features rich formatting and more advanced design elements.

KF8 is being described by Amazon as a more effective standard for publishing than the Mobi 7 standard, and will enable book publishers to create "great-looking books" in genres that have otherwise been largely ignored due to the need for rich formatting that could not previously be used. Children's picture books, comics and graphic novels have been mentioned as examples of such content.
Along with support for HTML5, KF8 will provide over 150 formatting features, as well as support for CSS3. Some HTML5 elements are not supported, however, such as video and audio. Features that are part of the KF8 feature-set include sidebars, SVG images, CSS Selectors, high-res color and text on background images.

Read the original article here.

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