Mozilla Cranks Firefox to 11

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Mozilla is out with another rapid release of the open source Firefox web browser. Firefox 11 delivers at least 8 security fixes, including a fix for zero day flaws reported at the pwn2own hacking challenge last week.

Firefox 11 isn't just about security updates. It also expands on the developer tools that Firefox 10 delivered six weeks ago.

On the security front, there are five security advisories rated as critical for Firefox 11. The critical flaws fixed include a use-after-free memory flaw in shlwapi.dll and what Mozilla refers to as, 'miscellaneous memory safety hazards'.

Memory errors were also found in Firefox's handling of SVG graphics. The SVG flaws were discovered by using Google's open source Address Sanitizer tool. The AddressSanitizer is a memory error detector for C/C++ and is able to help identify out-of-bounds access issues as well as use-after-free memory conditions.

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